25 Oct 2016

“The Ink Flowers and Birds”

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The Ink Flowers and Birds series now contains four books, namely, “Ink Flowers and Birds – Plum,” “Ink Flowers and Birds – Orchid,” “Ink Flowers and Birds – Bamboo,” and “Ink Flowers and Birds – Chrysanthemum,” covering appreciation of famous works by masters of different times on the “Four Gentlemen in Flowers,” famous painting theories, flower photos, painting steps, and demonstrations. The book selects some fine painted works by ancient Chinese painting masters of plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums, presented to readers in the size of the original works. The painting theories include the classics carefully chosen that are related to the pictures, bearing great significance for academic research. The painting demonstration steps to create plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums are clear, easily understood, and progressive while using simplified operation. The demonstration works are done in a delicate painting style with lively ink usage, vigorous lines, and strong traditional skill, leaving viewers with a pleasant feeling. This series has a high learning value, allowing users to appreciate academic exchanges. The series won the “Book Publishing Special Funds” award from China Publishing Group in 2013, and “2015 Good Book of CPG” title in 2014.


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