Ukrainian Association of Sinologists


The purpose of the Association is to contribute to the development of scientific research of China in Ukraine, educational sinological disciplines, and to promote the modern knowledge of the Chinese civilization.

The Association stimulates scientific, educational, cultural and business contacts between Ukraine and China. The Association does not engage in any political activities.

The predecessor of the association was Ukrainian branch of the All-Union Association of Sinologists (UB AUAS ) at Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and was located at the Institute of Linguistics of A.A.Potebni. UB AUAS lasted from 1986 to 1991. Termination of activity was due to the collapse of the USSR. The structure of the UB AUAS included all the leading Ukrainian Sinologists (R.M. Brodsky, Vladimir Velichko, V.I.Volkovinsky, B.M.Zabarko, A.Pasko, S.A. Kichigin, S.A.Nikishenko, V.V.Sednev, V.B.Urusov), Chinese language teachers (Vasiliev, A.B. Vahitov, E.V. Ilinich, I.A. Zuyev, V. Menshikov, V.A. Myasnikov, Boris Pushkarev, S.S.Staroverov), translators of Chinese literature (I.K.Chirko, Li Zegao), Chinese medicine researchers (G.G.Kuzmin, E.L.Machiret) and martial arts (Matulevsky, Solodilina). In general, in the UB AUAS it included more than 50 people. A significant role in creating the UB AUAS played the chief editor of “The Universe” magazine A.I. Mikitenko. Chairman of the UB AUAS was V.V.Sednev and scientific secretary A.Z. Goncharuk. In 1989, in Kyiv, the All-Union Scientific Conference of UB AUAS was dedicated to 40th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

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