Ukrainian Association of Sinologists is a public organization unifying citizens, institutions, and organizations, engaged in the study of China and the development of Ukrainian-Chinese relations.


History of establishment


The Association’s predecessor was the Ukrainian branch of the All-Union Association of Sinologists (UV VAKIT) at the Department of Literature, Linguistics, and History of the Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR.

UV VAKIT includes all the leading Ukrainian sinologists (G.M. Brodsky, V.V. Velychko, A.S. Goncharuk, S.A. Kichigin, V.A. Myasnikov, S.A. Nikishenko, A.V. Pasko, B.A. Pushkarev, V.V. Sednev, V. B. Urusov), teachers of the Chinese language (V.Vasiliev, A. B. Vakhitov, E.V. Ilinich, I.A. Zuev, V.P. Menshikov, S.S. Staroverov), the Chinese literature translators (I.K. Chirko, Li Jiegao), researchers of Chinese medicine (E.L. Macheret) and martial arts (G.G. Kuzmin).

UV VAKIT consisted of more than 50 people. The editor-in-chief of the magazine “Universe” A. I. Mikitenko actively contributed to the formation of UV VAKIT. V.V. Sednev was the Chairman of the UV VAKIT, and A.S. Goncharuk was the scholar-secretary. In 1989, an all-Union scientific conference of VAKIT was held in Kyiv, dedicated to its establishment’s 40th anniversary.


Leading Bodies of the association


The president leads the Association; organizational issues are solved by the Board of the Association headed by the Chairman of the Board. Research work is coordinated by the Scientific Secretary.


Working bodies of the association include


  • General assemblies of the Association

  • Board of the Association

  • Revision Commission


Main fields of activity


  • Assistance in the acquaintance of domestic and foreign communities with research on problems of sinology conducted in Ukraine and abroad;

  • Promoting the activities of scholars in the field of sinology;

  • Providing scientific and methodological assistance in teaching academics;

  • Developing scientific connections with scholars, various scientific institutions, societies and associations engaged in sinology;

  • Holding conferences, congresses, meetings, symposiums, schools, and round tables;

  • Organization of committees, panels, and workshops for the operation of specific issues;

  • Printing of the thematic collections, articles, monographs, informative materials, and periodicals;

  • Implementation of scientific connections with scientific societies and institutions.


Honors and Awards


  • “The Friendship Honor” from Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kyiv (09/24/2019).

  • Rewarding of Kiktenko V.O.with the 11th Special Book Award of China (08/22/2017)




The Ukraine–China magazine was founded in 1999. Today, it is considered the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists and “You and Law” groups, supported by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ukraine. The magazine is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, certificate, series КВ № 222616-112516Р from 04.04.2017, and has ISSN 2522-11981 (Online), ISSN 2522-11973 (Print).

In 2011, the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists and the A. Yu. Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine founded the Chinese Studies Journal. Work underway to create the Sinological library. Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman joined the founders of the magazine in 2018.

The Chinese Studies Journal publishes articles, dedicated to current issues of history and the development of China, to researches of the Chinese language and literature, learning about the Chinese connections with other countries in Asia and Ukraine, historiographic reviews and critiques, as well as the information about scientific conferences. The magazine publishes articles by domestic and foreign authors and translations of historical, religious, and literary attractions of China. Certificate of registration of the magazine: КВ 23663-13503ПР from 17.12.2018, and ISSN 2616-7328 (Online), ISSN 2409-904X (Print).


Conferences and forums


The leading scientific conference of the association “Chinese Civilization: Traditions and Modernity” has been held since 2004 and has become international in 2016. The thirteens conference took place on September 19th in 2019. The conference focuses on the 70th anniversary of founding the People’s Republic of China, the modern Ukrainian-Chinese relations, and the “One Belt, One Road” project.

The Ukrainian Association of Sinologists supports the initiative of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping “One belt One road” and actively propagandizes it in Ukraine.

On May 30th, 2017, the First Ukrainian-Chinese Strategic Partnership Forum “One Belt, One Road” was held in Kyiv.  It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Ukraine and China.


Partners and Collaborations


In September 2016, the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists signed a partnership agreement with the Research and Translation Center for Foreign Languages and distribution of Chinese culture in China. Another agreement was signed with the “Rong Bao Zhai” publishing company.

At the end of November 2017, the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists joined the “Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network” (SIRONET).

In February 2018, the Ukraine-China magazine became a partner of the Chinese daily newspaper Global Times (环球时报), which specializes in covering international events.


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