• We will help you make the best decision in your business with China, always to be informed about matters relating to your company through our research and analysis of the media, the Internet, government manifests and regulatory documents.
  • We provide forecasts of the markets, finance, investments, manufacture and trade (trends, risks and potentialities).
  • We offer work made for order of individual clients, who require accurate, primary data and analysis for a particular business or investment decision.
  • You can get an access to ours researches, analytic materials and databases or order a research.
  • We have a great experience in media, market and finance research field.
  • We have a close cooperation with the best analytics.
  • We will help those, who are already working or planning to start business with China.

All services are provided on a commercial basis according to the needs of each client.


Media and Internet analysis

Study Chinese Internet, a nationwide database of print media, monitoring government manifests, important messages in social media to create daily, weekly and monthly digests or analytical research on various issues affecting the development of your business in China:

  • Provide information and ideas for business;
  • Monitoring and analysis of media and comments on social networks, news of your competitors, etc.;
  • Industry news;
  • Validation of information;
  • Translation and analysis of articles, reports and documents.

We create to order weekly, monthly or quarterly digest, which summarizes the information that you need from the Chinese media and social media, economic and business information obtained from reliable sources.

Your personal digest generated according to your requirements and schedule, on conditions for non-disclosure agreement.


Economic analysis

We provide market research, consumer research and make an economic analysis to provide efficient solutions:

  • Reviews and research of public information, databases, government regulatory documents and statistics;
  • Analysis of trends (macro- and microeconomics, consumer, finance, infrastructure, investment, real estate, energy, resources, industry, manufacture and trade).


  • Features of Chinese business;
  • Organizing and making business in China;
  • Creation of joint ventures.

Business support

  • Search for investors;
  • Create or analysis of business-models;
  • Identify the risks of business and identify ways to overcome;
  • Search for products, equipment and reliable contractors;
  • Visit the exhibition and businesses;
  • Negotiations on the spot or by means of communication;
  • Legal Services.


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