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Bachelor’s degree in International relations , V. Stefanik Precarpathian National University (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) may 2016 ;

Diploma in International affairs and Asians studies, UMCS (Lublin, Poland), July 2015;

Master’s degree in International relations and regional studios, V.Stefanik Precarpathian National University (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine), Feb 2018

Master’s degree in Law in International relations , Cental China Normal University (Wuhan, China), June 2018;

PhD in International politics, Cental China Normal University (Wuhan, China)

1. 2015-current Senior Researcher, Ukraine

2. 2020-current Senior Research Fellow, Austria

3. 2020-current Research Analyst, China

4. 2018 – 2020 Communications specialist, China
5.2017-2018 Human resources Manager, China
6.2016-2017 Finance Research Analyst, Ukraine
7. 2014-2016 Human Resources department manager, Ukraine

  • Investments
    Asian studies
  • Finance
  • Green finance
  • Logistics
  • International relations
  • Investment policy of China
  • BRI-related initiatives
  • History of China
  • Chinese geopolitics and geoeconomy
  • Chinese Diplomacy and stratagems
  • Sino-CEE cooperation
  • Geopolitics
  • Belt and Road
  • Green Finance
  • Chinese political development
  • Investment policy of China
  • International relations in APR
  • Security aspect of Asia-Pacific region

1. Alaska is a strategic “scam” of Washington and St. Petersburg (2014)
2. Chinese geopolitical concept of “One belt – One Road”: A new perspective for Europe (I – 2016)
3. The evolution of Chinese foreign policy in the post-bipolar era (end of XX  – beginning of XXI century). (V – 2015)
4. Chinese geopolitical model in the context of Ukrainian political and transformational dynamics (IV – 2016)
BSc, MSc thesis , PhD dissertation:
1. Chinese conception of “One Belt – One Road” (BSc thesis,VII-2016);
2. European refugee crisis : Security in CEE (Chinese MSc thesis,V – 2018);
3. Geo-economic project of the IIIrd Millennium : “Belt and Road Initiative”. Security aspect (Ukrainian MSc thesis, XII – 2017);
4. Sino – CEE cooperation within BRI (draft title – PhD dissertation)

Dissertation summary :

A descriptive case study research method was undertaken in СEE countries and China to explore opportunities and challenges in the development of Sino-CEE cooperation within the BRI for both sides in order to address issues of developing political dialogue and strategies to improve China’s cooperation with the European countries participating in the BRI project and in CEE in particular.
A combination of both secondary and primary sources of data was collected for this study. The instruments used for collecting primary data were questionnaires, online surveys and information learned from European and Chinese think tanks. Secondary data were obtained from different sources including the library, internet, government institutions as well as the AIIB and the Silk Road Fund, MDST World Cargo Database, Working Group Meeting of the EU – China Connectivity Platform, European Commission, Steer Davies Gleave analysis of Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries and Non-Governmental organization focusing on economic and trade affairs. Overall a total of 15 think tanks and 270 respondents were included in the study. 

Drawing on the basics of Sino-European political and economical cooperation and mutual infrastructural projects within BRI, this research emphasized that initially focused on involving into the Chinese initiative the European countries, along with opportunities,  has faced a whole range of legislative, economic and infrastructure challenges. The study utilized main ideas of the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation and the 16+1 Guidelines for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, economic  theories and methodology to answer the research questions.
In the research it was analysed the image of the BRI across the Europe by making use of an open access big data database, namely GDELT. The key findings is that most positive regions in the world have a positive view of China`s BRI, also wide differences appear across regions and countries. Also it was found that there is no significant difference in the perception of the BRI between the countries that are officially part of the initiative and others.
It was analysed empirically what key factor explains different countries` perception of the BRI. In research it was found that trade is by far the most relevant. In other words, the more often the country`s media mentions trade related to the BRI, the more likely it is for that country`s media to portrait a negative image of the BRI. Investment seems to be less relevant as it is not found to be a statistically significant factor.

The analysis of the EU position on Sino-CEE collaboration within BRI  showed that BRI presented a range of opportunities and challenges, although many of these reflect the growth of China as a global economic power.
The study of the problem of improving Sino-European collaboration within BRI   showed that  the BRI is not precisely defined and its geographical and project scope continue to evolve as China engages with different countries inside and outside the European Union on a bilateral basis.
This research study analyses the Initiative, its impacts and prospects, as well as the EU and CEE countries transport system’s readiness for the Initiative. It provides conclusions and recommendations to Chinese side and the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism to address the Initiative’s challenges.
The findings of the study showed that nowadays moving away from pan-European standards, CEE countries are taking steps to meet the preservation of national identity, increasing the influx of investments into its territory. They also indicate that countries stand up for the principle of sovereignty and security of their territories, conducting a policy of protectionism and protection of state economies. Such measures do not fully contribute to the solution of the existed problems in investment and infrastructure of the countries, and also raise concerns of the EU about creating a threat of a split in the union.

In addition, the results of the study of China – CEE and China-EU-CEE relations within the BRI provide additional information about the increasing geopolitical significance of the region’s countries. The study notes that to solve the main problem of relations between the world’s leading countries in the CEE region, it is necessary to take into account the interests of all subjects of international relations on the way to create the BRI initiative. This study called attention to the fact that these countries no longer “lean to one side” (focus on an Alliance with only one strong player) and began to demonstrate a diversified and pragmatic foreign policy, which strengthened their potential both on the world stage in general, and in the logistics chain of the BRI initiative in particular.


1. The pros and cons of globalization (16 – VII – 2015) ; (Ukraine) ;
2. The New Silk Road economic belt (24 – VIII – 2015) ; (Ukraine) ;
3. The Silk Road: History and new perspectives (16 – IX – 2015) ; (Armenia) ;
4. Russian vector in the foreign policy of the People’s Republic of China at the beginning of the third millennium (20 – IX – 2015) ; (Ukraine) ;
5. Chinese geopolitical project: The New Silk Road (20 – X – 2015); (Russia);
6. Countering terrorism in contemporary realities (22 – X – 2015) ; (Ukraine) ;
7. The Chinese prospects of Ukraine: “One belt – One Road” (8 – XI – 2015) ; (Ukraine) ;
8. Sino – Ukrainian relations in the context of the Ukrainian crisis (17 – XII – 2015) ; (the P.R.of China) ;
9. Models of political modernization: People`s Republic of China (15 – II – 2016) (the Czech Republic) ;
10. Chinese Economic Belt of the Silk Road (10 – IV – 2016) ; (India) ;
11. China’s anti-terrorism policy (7 – XII – 2016) ; (Ukraine) ;
12. Chinese factor in contemporary international relations (17 – I – 2017) ; (the South Korea) ;
13. A new wave of trade wars : 2017 (14 – II – 2017) ; (Austria) ;
14. Chinese geopolitics in the early 3rd millennium: Realism and Chinese stratagems (15 – III – 2017) ; (the P.R.of China) ;
15. Sino – Russian relations in the beginning of 3rd millenium (01 – IV – 2017); (Russia) ;
16. Dramatic geopolitical triangle : China – Russia – USA (15 – IV – 2017) ; (Japan) ;
17. Globalization of the Chinese language through English borrowing (05 – V – 2017) ; (Ukraine) ;
18. New wave of economic wars : The New Silk Road against the Trans – Pacific Partnership (01 – VI – 2017) ; (USA) ;
19. Energy diplomacy among Major Powers (20 – VI – 2017) ; (Austria , Canada) ;
20. The creation of the European security system in the second half of the XX century: Yalta – Potsdam system of international relations (24 – VII – 2017); (France) ;
21. Geoeconomic initiative “BRI”  –  new algorithm of economic development (VII – 2017) ; (Poland) ;
22. The intensification of the Sino – Russian cooperation in the military sphere (VIII – 2017) ; (Ukraine, the P.R.of China) ;
23.The security aspect of Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” (VIII – 2017) ;
24.Sino – Ukrainian cooperation within the framework of Belt and Road Initiative : Possible risks and benefits (IV – 2018) ; (China).
25. Chinese “Diplomacy of the Straits” (VI – 2020); (Norway);
26.Superpowers in the geopolitical landscape of Central and Eastern Europe. BRI in CEE and its impact (VI – 2020); (Austria);
27.BRI in the CEE region – initiative of opportunities and challenges (VI – 2020); (China);

28. Sino – Hungarian cooperation within OEP and BRI (VI – 2020); (Hungary)

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Modern Diplomacy : https://moderndiplomacy.eu/author/mariasmotrytska/

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