02 Aug 2017

See the World through the Art of Tea and Traditional Painting. A Gathering for Tea and Art

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It is fascinating to walk along the Liulichang Street, view ancient-style houses under the shady locust trees, appreciate precious calligraphy and painting works, smell the penetrating scent of ink, and finally taste a cup of green tea. The gathering under the theme of “See the world through the art of tea and traditional painting” keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

A Glimpse into the Art of Tea    Taiwan’s Practice of Tasting Tea in Two Cups

“Tasting tea in two cups” refers to the practice of smelling and tasting tea in a tall cup and a short one respectively, which is commonly used in Taiwan. The tall cup is used for smelling the scent of tea, while the short one is used for tasting it. The tea maker pours the tea into the tall cup and then the guest pours the tea in the tall cup into the short one before tasting it. On the one hand, it is a clean way of making tea as the tea maker only touches the tall cup. On the other, the tea taster would find the tea more pure as he/she smell the scent from the tall cup and taste it from the short one.

The unique “Taiwan practice of tasting tea in two cups” enables one to grasp the maximum beauty of tea by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and thinking about it.

 The unique “practice of tasting tea in two cups” elaborated by famous Taiwan tea experts He Jiansheng and Ye Dongtai can be applied to making high mountain tea with mild fermentation. It not only displays the essence of tea leaves but also enhances the ceremonial sense and the beauty of tea art.

Taiwan tea expert He Jiansheng showing how to taste tea in two cups

Taiwan tea expert Ye Dongtai showing Taiwan practice of making tea in a small pot

Calligrapher and painter Wang Dengke interacting with the tea expert from Taiwan

Calligrapher Cai Xianglin interacting with tea experts and publishers from Taiwan

Tasting Tea, Enjoying Paintings and Reading Books

Tea expert Luo Jun’s words enabled us to gain a deepened insight into tea in addition to simply tasting it.

He said that the feature of tea has an impact on Easterners’ characters, as they like exploring their inner minds to explore who they really are. Most tea experts can find their brand new identity and soul in the world of tea.

Picture book author Xiong Liang and painter Wang Dengke discussed the perfect combination of tea and painting.

According to Xiong Liang, what China lacks is not picture books with Chinese styles and characteristics, but those with Chinese ways of expression.

By learning what they say and appreciating their calligraphy and painting works, one can draw inspiration from traditional art, marvel at art in nature, and feel at ease while tasting the tea and enjoying the painting.

Tea expert Luo Jun elaborating on tea culture

Interaction among people in different circles

Book signing

Lecture at the main venue

Parallel session

JD and Vhall broadcast


Video media broadcast

Interaction with tea tasters

Traditional Chinese Culture Going Global

Friends from foreign publishing houses paid a visit to Rong Bao Zhai. After visiting Operation Department, Woodblock Printing Workshop and Stationery Department of Rong Baozhai, they tasted the tea, read books published by Rong Baozhai and talked about art.

With the backdrop of Rong Bao Zhai’s fine works of calligraphy and painting, they used exquisite tea ware to brew tea and burned the incense in the tearoom, while listening attentively to International Copyright Manager Wang Zixian’s introduction of Chinese painting and calligraphy as well as books published by Rong Bao Zhai. They explored the possible cooperation projects with their Chinese hosts, discussed cultural communication and learned the philosophy of traditional Chinese culture.


Reading books published by Rong Bao Zhai Publishing House

Discussing the communication of traditional Chinese culture

Cross-Straits exchanges on tea culture, and the exchanges among artists, tea experts, Chinese and international media not only provide a glimpse at the evolvement and development of making and drinking tea but also represent the cultural bond between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and embody the inclusiveness of the Chinese culture. The time-honored Rong Bao Zhai not only promotes cross-straits cultural exchanges but also helps traditional Chinese culture go global.

As told by the theme “See the world through the art of tea and traditional painting”, for those who love traditional culture, drinking tea and watching traditional painting enrich their lives and broaden their horizons.

The gathering on the theme of “See the world through the art of tea and traditional painting” enabled people to meet friends and talk about art and tea so as to be closer to whom they really are.

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